Fitness and Health Writing

The Workout,

Weekly column focused on local fitness scene for a Chicago suburb. Several columns were picked up by additional Patch sites, both in the region and across the nation. 

Hitting the Trails, September 2012

The Wrath of Runners, September 2012 (Published on multiple Patch sites.)

A Cautionary Tale for Cyclists, August 2012 (Published on multiple Patch sites.)

Back in the Saddle, August 2012

Wanna Race? August 2012 (Published on multiple Patch sites.)

You, too, Can Play Like an Olympian, August 2012

The Workout Book Review: A Walk on the Wild Side, July 2012 (Published on multiple Patch sites.)

A Summer Olympics Training Program, July 2012

Running Training Programs, July 2012

Beat the Heat, July 2012

July Event Highlights, June 2012

Exercising on the Go, June 2012

Sweat and Sand at Beach Body Fitness, June 2012

Pro-Cycling Comes to Glencoe, May 2012

Fun in the Sun, with Caution, May 2012

Suggested Bike Routes for the North Shore, May 2012

Chocolate Milk, Squats and Sitting: Science Behind Sports, May 2012

Favorite Exercise Gear For Mother’s Day, May 2012

Can Caffeine Fuel Your Workout?, April 2012

Why Cyclists Wear Ugly Shirts and Other Important Things, April 2012

The Workout: Thirty-Minute Abs at the WCH, April 2012

Races and Rides and Triathlons, Oh My, April 2012

Exercise by Internet: Do Online Videos Work?, March 2012

Spring Ahead With Workout Tips, March 2012

Does Yoga Do More Harm Than Good?, March 2012

Got a Bucket List? Take an Icy Dip in Lake Michigan, February 2012

The Chicago Marathon: A Second Chance at 26.2 Miles, February 2012

Channel Surfing for Fitness, February 2012

Skating: Not Just for Kids, January 2012

Technology as a Resolution Solution, January 2012

Get Ready, Get Set, Resolve!, December 2011

Last Minute Gifts for the Weekend Warrior, December 2011

How About Those One Hundred Pushups? An Interview with Founder Steve Speirs, December 2011

Singing the Praises of the Short Run, November 2011

Fall Into a New Workout, October 2011

Need a Workout? There’s an App for That, October 2011

Sharing the Road With Less Friction, September 2011

Fall Races: Bike Winnetka, North Shore Century and Hounds for Hadley, September 2011

New North Shore Running Event Marks 9/11 Anniversary, September 2011

On the Horizon: The Chicago LifeTime Triathlon, August 2011

Rock and Run Your Way to the Finish Line: Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half-Marathon, July 2011

Ashtanga, Forrest or Hatha? Yoga 101 with a Winnetka Instructor, August 2011


Jump In! The Water is Just Fine, July 2011

Let Your Exercise Routine Go With You On Vacation, June 2011

Kick Off Your Summer Right, June 2011

Some Don’t Like It Hot, June 2011

Want To Work Hard? Head To The Barre, June 2011

Make Your Memorial Day Active and Memorable, May 2011

Saddle Up Your Bike, Hit The Road (Or Trail), May 2011

Running Undertrained, Running Out Of Time, May 2011

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Workout Mommy, May 2011

The Boston Marathon Is A Marathoner’s Marathon, April 2011

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot, April 2011

Are You Making Progress or Spinning Your Wheels?, April 2011

The Best of Winnetka Running Routes, April 2011

Riding Indoors Means All the Sweat, None of the Hazards, April 2011

Getting Fit Is A Pain In The Neck, March 2011

Revving Up For Spring Break, March 2011

Road To The Chicago Marathon Is Wide Open, February 2011

USDA’s Recipe for Health, March 2011

Get Out There! Tips For Post-Blizzard Running, February 2011