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Emily Dickinson’s Classroom Valentines, co-written with Julie Vick

Spirit Airlines Welcomes You Almost Home for the Holidays


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 Love, American Style: Boston Marriage and Beyond, co-written with Fiona Taylor

 Living Through a Pandemic or Potty Training a Toddler, co-written with Julie Vick

 Pills Like White Elephants


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Coming to Broadway: Classic Plays about Modern Air Travel, with Elly Lonon 


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Restaurant Reviews by MFA Students


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 I’m Michael Myers from Halloween and I Just Want to Talk About Your Car’s Extended Warranty

Two Tour de France Announcers Narrate my Morning Jog

New Programming for Fall Season: TV Mashups


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COVID Word Problems for Women

I’m Sorry I Told Everyone You Were Dead to Further My Career

Fosters Needed for Unemployed Congressional Staffers

The Catalan Crisis Explained by Jordan Catalano



Things I’m Afraid the Webb Space Telescope Will Discover, co-written with Terry Heyman and Sally Miller

New Year’s Resolutions Inspired By Your 2020 Existential Crisis, co-written with Julie Vick

George Carlin and Mister Rogers Guest-Host The National Dog Show


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Bingo: Passive-Aggressive Comments From my Family on Thanksgiving, co-written with Terry Heyman

Immersive Artist Experiences Other than Van Gogh

Orientation for College-At-Home, According to Your Mom

Stages of Grief About the 2016 Election…in Aerobics Classes


The haven

Florida! A Redemption Story: The Musical, co-written with Tiffany Quay Tyson

New, More Relatable Nobel Prize Categories Announced


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I’m a Taxidermy Deer Head Just Trying to Make It Here in NYC


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Fifty Shades of Grey Shades




Hasten Down the Wind, Purple Clover

Spring Cleaning, Sweatpants & Coffee

Canine Lessons, Realize Magazine (Winner, 2015 Realize Writers’ Contest)

Running Away, The Examined Life: A Literary Journal 

A New Englander’s Guide to Chicago, Chicago Tribune




A Double in Two Glasses, Anthem: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

The Spare, Composite Arts

The Right to Remain Silent Night, Home for the Holidays, Farnsworth?